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Safe COVID-19 Research Management

Ensuring the continuity of research is especially difficult with the risks and evolving situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ability to effectively put in place new operational plans for research continuity during the pandemic and to show proper due diligence in protecting your researchers is critical to your ability to keep research operations active.

However, these new operational plans are plagued with implementation issues, many of which are due to the lack of practical tools and reliable data. 

SciShield is being used across the globe to safely keep research active and to support research shutdown and ramp-up procedures. Contact us to discuss how SciShield can help you. Contact us.

Examples of Features for Crisis Management:

  • Safety Profiles: Build safety profiles for people and groups based on their associated locations, hazards and job activities. Automate critical safety requirements to ensure they are in compliance.
  • Support Contact Tracing: Provides virtual awareness of the location and who occupies labs. Through the aggregated information collected via safety profiles, researchers and lab staff potentially exposed to COVID-19 can be identified and notified. 
  • Emergency Notifications: Can be posted to relevant internal or external documents for a single source of the truth and clear communication.
  • Smart Mailer: Allows for identification and communication with users, groups, departments, buildings, or campus.
  • Emergency Shutdown and Ramp-up: Assign one of seven operational statuses to labs to allow for easier prioritization, inspection, and communication for groups, buildings, or campuses.
  • ObservNow Safety Observations: Turns everyone on-site into your eyes and ears, and allows them to effortlessly notify responsible personnel for a rapid response.
  • Live Support: If you need help, we become an extension of your team to walk you through the system and make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Further Enhancements:

Self-Inspections: Operational labs can share photos and conduct self-inspections to reduce the time EHS spends in the lab. All inspections can be monitored and tracked remotely.

Online Safety Training: Easily taken from home and can be highly targeted to assist with ramp-up procedures and requirements of active labs, in addition to general lab safety training.

Equipment ManagementAllow researchers and EHS to track safety equipment and more. Set requirement audits for EHS and self audits for groups.

ChemTracker: Find specific chemicals to produce sanitizers and other disinfectants. Easily access associated SDS files.

Access Controls: Offer the ability to lock-out or shutdown labs that are non-operational or require specific training.   


Certified Loss Control

Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean you are not liable for it. SciShield protects your people and your revenue by automating several workflows to increase safety and prevent loss. Shine the light on risk, so you know it is there. Learn why our system is recognized as a Certified Loss Control by top insurance carriers nationwide. 

  • Reducing costly safety incidents & workers' compensation claims.
  • Decreasing lost days of work for research, maintenance, and facilities employees.
  • Expose critical deficiencies that can lead to costly audit findings & reporting errors.

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COVID-19 Resources

For a list of COVID-19 resources please visit, The Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity Tool Box listed below.

ABSA Tool Box

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