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People, Spaces, & Hazards.

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Integrated Platform Core Benefits


Connect Scientists, Lab Operations, & EHS for total transparency

Decrease Total Operational Cost

Decrease Total Operational Cost and Reduce Personal and Organizational Risk

Manage Your Safety and Compliance Program in One Easy-to-Use System

Manage Your Safety and Compliance Program in One Easy-to-Use System

Connected Foundation Lets Scientists Focus on Research


Integrated directory of people, spaces, hazards, and job activities


Send targeted email communication


Share safety observations with ObservNow


Integrates all modules for a simplified user experience


Organize and store documents and SOPs

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Permission-based management levels & access controls

Our Features

Profile Users

User Profiles
Drive Automation

Profile Users

Automate requirements and communications with comprehensive safety profiles for both users and spaces.
Lab Profiles <br>Drive Safety Requirements

Lab Profiles
Drive Safety Requirements

Profile Labs

Gain a holistic view of a laboratory's activities, hazards, and risks with the module's hazard checklist. Use that information to drive communication, training, inspection requirements, and PPE assignments.
Platform - Door signs

Easily Generate Safety Signage

Easily Generate Safety Signage

The Door Sign feature applies hazard information from the laboratory safety profile to generate icons associated with ISO warning symbols, ISO prohibitive symbols, or OSHA GHS symbols. These printable door signs can display NFPA 704 diamonds, emergency contacts, area hazards, and PPE requirements.
Platform - Streamline Safety Tasks

Streamline Safety Tasks

Streamline Safety Tasks

Automate everyday laborious safety tasks. Easily identify and assign hazards to groups, labs, spaces, and individual responsibilities to reduce new employee onboarding time, create proper risk profiles, provide hazard-based communication, and identify appropriate training requirements.
Platform - Compliance

Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

A compliance email inbox stores reminders and notifications in a high-visibility space on its home screen, providing all users with clear communications and the ability to take immediate action.
Platform - Target Audience

Target the Right Audience

Target the Right Audience

The Smart Mailer Communicator helps EHS target specific audiences within the research community based on hazards, locations, or individual requirements, to help make sure that messages are seen.
Platform - Real Time Insights Trends

Identify Real-Time Insights and Trends

Identify Real-Time Insights and Trends

Configurable overview dashboards provide real-time reporting for areas of interest or concern. For example, see all biological safety-related inspection data, training statistics, and equipment safety compliance together in one dashboard for biosafety oversight.
Platform - View Information Holistically

View Information Holistically

View Information Holistically

Manage building, room, and other location data to support inspections, locating equipment, conducting chemical inventory reporting, and target communication by space. The system also provides instant access to critical information for emergency responders.
Platform - Manage Access-1

Manage Access

Manage Access

Permission-based access restricts the ability to view or edit information to relevant personnel. Restrictions can be based on an individual's activities and level of responsibility or on the laboratory to which they are assigned.
Platform - Share Safety Observations

Share Safety Observations

Share Safety Observations

Anyone can serve the organization by sharing safety observations with EHS using the ObservNow feature. When risks are present, time is of the essence and it is everyone’s responsibility if you “see something, to say something.”

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Cynthia Pressman - LTRI-Final-1
The [SciShield] modules and your folks have exceeded all expectations! Including with LTRI’s IT folks (a challenging group to impress, no doubt).
Cynthia Pressman

Laboratory Safety Manager
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

Patrick Zaugg Headshot
Working on a project with the SciShield Team has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to draw from SciShield’s expertise and proven solution, while at the same time having our specific business needs heard and incorporated. This has allowed us to build the foundation for a strong partnership which will help us improve and strengthen our processes. A lot of trust has been built between our teams.
Patrick Zaugg

Project Manager
Basel, Switzerland

Sean Fitzgerald Headshot-1
With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft.
Sean Fitzgerald

Manager of Biological Safety and EHS, Chair of the Institutional Biological Safety Committee
Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH)