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Improve efficiency and adherence to compliance for hazardous waste disposal

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Streamline and standardize hazardous waste pickups by eliminating the paperwork and time associated with manual, paper-based processes. Centralized system provides efficiency, visibility, and accountability into hazardous waste disposal processes.

Solution Brief


Why Hazardous Waste?

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Improve efficiency with centralization & standardization of hazardous waste disposal

Streamline the pickup process with lab-based profiles that remove common request redundancy. Make it easier for users to request pickup of hazardous waste and reduce submission-based errors.
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Mitigate risk with real-time oversight into waste disposal activities

Get answers quickly to questions about waste-producing labs and areas in your organization. Use data from waste requests to identify waste disposal trends and reduce costs.
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Proactive communications deliver clear accountability and streamline waste disposal

Promote waste reduction and sustainability. Reduce auditing complexity with unique pickup request identification numbers that make auditing past activity a breeze.

Waste Management

  • Pre-configure waste stream profiles for common requests to save lab workers time and eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Promote waste reduction and sustainability with centralized management of waste disposals.
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Waste Audit & Compliance

  • Gain visibility into every waste related task, with seamless integration with Training LMS and Inspections & Audits modules to drive efficiency and compliance accountability.
  • Stay compliant with state requirements for associating waste codes to requests (e.g., RCRA codes and state codes associated with pick-up requests.)
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Monitoring and Communications

  • Queue management minimizes trips and provides instant . access to status of pickup requests.
  • Automated alerts provide instant notification when pickups are submitted, completed, or rejected and require revision.
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