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Centralize and automate laboratory tasks in one powerful system

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Unified platform integrates all modules for a simplified user experience. Connect scientists, Laboratory Operations, and EHS for total transparency, decreasing total operational costs and reducing personal and organizational risk.

Solution Brief


Why Unified Platform?


Centralization of EHS & Lab Operations delivers efficiencies and operational

Integrates all modules for a simplified user experience with permission-based management levels and access controls.
Decrease total

Decrease total operational cost and reduce personal and organizational

Easily identify hazards, create risk profiles, provide hazard-based communication and appropriate training. Improve compliance with targeted communications the prompt immediate action.
Holistic transparency

Holistic transparency enables the identification
of real-time

Ensure compliance with real-time reporting for areas of interest or concern across all modules with aggregated, actionable, and trusted data.

Create lab profiles that help reduce tasks from 30 to 5 minutes.


Eliminate Siloed Information

  • Integrate all modules for a simplified user experience with a directory of people, spaces, hazards, and job activities enabling total transparency and comprehensive safety profiles.
  • Manage your safety and compliance program in one easy-to-use system, while reducing total operational cost and personal and organizational risk
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“The key to our success is the underlying management platform that critically weaves and undergirds the foundation of three core areas of any safety program: people, the things they do and the places they do them – this is done through smartly designed web-based technology.”

- Shane G., Senior Director, Risk & Safety


Improve Safety Compliance

  • Easily identify and assign hazards to groups, labs, spaces, and individuals to automate laborious tasks, reduce new employee onboarding time, create proper risk profiles, provide hazard-based communication, and identify appropriate training requirements.
  • Display crucial information and maximize safety in every lab with a modern door sign solution.
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Over 67% of EHS and Lab Ops leaders don’t trust that their data is reliable, secure, or accessible.


Mitigate Risk with Proactive Communications

  • Targeted email communications help EHS reach specific audiences based on hazards, locations, or individual requirements.
  • ObservNow, providing an easy and accessible method for any member of the organization to share observations of physical or behavioral hazards, near misses, or even positive remarks.
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“SciShield has the expertise and proven solution…building a foundation for a strong partnership helping us to improve and strengthen our processes.”

- Patrick Z., Project Manager, Roche


Gain Actionable Operational Insights

  • Ensure compliance with real-time reporting across all modules with aggregated, actionable, and trusted data.
  • Instant access to critical information for emergency responders concerning locations, personnel, chemical inventories, biohazards, etc.
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“Being a SaaS platform is definitely nice, my IT team doesn’t need to maintain it, and do patches and reboots…It minimizes the IT burden.”

- Jeff B., Senior Director, Lab Operations, Geno

Group 389

Trusted Security

  • Have confidence that all your data is safe and secure, with industry leading security best practices/systems and continuous monitoring with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  • Integrate through available APIs and existing partnerships to connect with SSO logins, user directories, learning management systems, and more.
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