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Maintain robust, targeted, and compliant online &
in-person training programs

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Reduce organizational risk by maintaining a compliant online and in-person training program. Build confidence by being able to proactively identify gaps and non-compliance issues, ensuring your laboratory teams are current on the latest safety and hazard training.

Solution Brief


Why Training LMS?

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Training LMS

Easily manage a full suite of online and in-person trainings, leveraging your own content or choose from our extensive library of courses. Deliver online training through platform or via integrated central LMS – or both.
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Trigger training requirements from individual and group safety profiles

Provides on-time reporting and dashboards from individuals, to groups, to your entire organization.
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Automate time consuming tasks and reminders. Easily identify and correct non-compliance issues

Automate communications and reminders to drive high compliance.

Using SciShield, over 98% of users are current on training requirements.

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Dashboard Reporting

  • Manage a more efficient lab training program with comprehensive, real-time reporting with deeper insights.
  • Get instant visibility into top-level summaries of training compliance. Identify overdue or outstanding required courses, and manage certifications.
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“Our training compliance is approaching 100% due to the ability to deliver course material either synchronously or asynchronously.”

- R1 Doctoral University


LMS Course Directory

  • Simplify the management of training courses for your generated content, including PDFs, PowerPoint, mp4, SCORM, and other LMS integrations.
  • Manage an effective training program by connecting requirements, communication, and reporting in one centralized repository.
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“Compliance metrics have been beautiful with the ability to track metrics for monthly reporting, and check training during lab inspections by generating reports in minutes.”

- Larry Mendoza, Virginia Commonwealth University

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Risk-based Training Requirements

  • Easily identify and trigger required training associated to each person's job activities and organization - specific training rules.
  • Reduce manual follow-up on delinquencies with automated communications and organizational risk for non-compliance.
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“Compliance and training data management lifesaver. We have access to so much information with a few clicks that previously would've taken hours to collect.”

- R1 Doctoral University


3rd Party Integrations

  • Reach your training and compliance goals by connecting with solutions you already use today.
  • Leverage eLearning software that makes connections to our software seamless, including SCORM.
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