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Scalable enterprise software for effective chemical inventory management

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Remove the burden to efficiently managing chemical inventories with bulk edit and reconciliation tools to ensure accuracy. Ensure operational excellence and compliance with industry trusted complex regulatory reporting, utilizing a curated database of chemical hazards and properties.

Solution Brief



The Power of the Right Chemical Inventory & Reporting System

What to Look for When Evaluating Your Next Software Purchase

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RFID Technology

for Chemical Inventory Management

Why ChemTracker?

Group 380

Ease of managing chemical inventory with build-in inventory audit & monitoring capabilities

Eliminate storage chaos with container-level training in real-time. Reduce waste and hazardous materials on-hand.
Group 381

Simplified compliance reporting, saving hours of complex report pulling with data all in one place

Reliable reports at the aggregate unit, including Tier II RTK, Fire Code compliance, and Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ’s).
Group 382

Zero setup utilizing an established chemical database of 2 million + curated SDS’s

Access to a comprehensive library of safety data sheets, including the ability to search by chemical name or CAS, and automatically assign SDS to any container.

“The reporting is more intuitive with ChemTracker. It works seamlessly out of the box”

- Geno

Group 389

Chemical Inventory Management

  • Get an organizational view of all chemicals onsite with the ability to easily filter, view, track, and locate high-hazard materials and chemicals individually or by lab group.
  • Maintain cross-visibility with peer inventory and manage user permissions for secure search and find chemicals related to projects others are using.
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Reduce time spent by over 80% on common lab safety and operations tasks.


Inventory Audit & Monitoring

  • Reconcile physical inventory with records to correct discrepancies, and monitor inventory levels so you always know how much is in stock, what's running out, expiration dates, and more.
  • Promote chemical sharing that saves money on unnecessary ordering, while reducing waste and hazardous materials on-hand
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“With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft!”

- Hackensack Meridian Health

Group 389

Chemical Compliance

  • Gain confidence with regulatory reporting dashboards that provide easy tracking, accurate data, and real-time updates.
  • Reliable reports at the aggregate unit, including Tier II RTK, Fire Code compliance, and Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ’s).
  • And more – schedule a FREE demo

“The time spent identifying hazard information for resident companies, locations, and individuals shrank from several hours to less than 5 minutes.”

- The Engine Accelerator


SDS Management

  • Access to a proprietary, comprehensive library of safety data sheets including features like bulk edit and exporting.
  • Automatically assign any SDS from the library to every container with SDS Auto-match means records are always accurate and current.
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