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Manually tracking chemicals is prone to error.

Gain real-time visibility into your chemical inventory across teams with lab-proven software that offers inventory management with regulatory reporting you can trust.

Reduce time spent by over 80% on common lab safety
and operations tasks.


More time for research

Less administrative burden

Safety compliance with confidence

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SciShield has partnered with GreaterGift.org to donate a life-saving vaccine or meal to a child in need on completion of demo.


Reduce Operating Costs

Streamline your chemical inventory processes and automate workflows with container-level tracking in real time.

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Increase Efficiency

End your frustration with unlabeled containers and unknown locations of chemicals with easy-to-create barcodes and tagging for seamless inventory management.

Save Time

Save Time

Save time on complex reporting with reliable, easy-to-track, one-click regulatory reporting (e.g., Tier II, RTK, fire code compliance, and MAQs).

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Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

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For their customers that used Excel, paper, and Access databases, after the implementation of ChemTracker, they experienced an efficiency improvement for identifying hazard information for resident companies, locations, and individuals from several hours to less than 5 minutes.

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