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Drive actionable decisions with real-time inspection data to mitigate risks

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Understand hazards and reduce risks with comprehensive lab inspections and real-time reporting, allowing you to conduct audits with confidence while improving compliance and operational excellence.

Solution Brief


Why Inspections & Audits?

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Holistic view helps identify trends and aids in risk mitigation

Provides oversight, documentation, and visibility of inspections. Real-time dashboards of inspections and self-inspections report findings and trends.

Enhance communications and protect your people and reputation.

Easily automate the inspection process and frequency. Build rapport with stakeholders by using inspection data to identify opportunities for training and/or process improvements.

Manage pre- and post-inspection process, ensuring compliance and productivity

Manage the inspection process with ease. Full transparency ensures teams are prepared for future inspections, and automated reminders assist with closing-out open inspections.

“No more sending manual reports! We do all inspections on iPads and can get more inspections done per quarter. We've reduced follow-up times too. When an inspection goes out, if things don’t get completed, the system automatically triggers emails to follow up.” - Jennette P., Lab Safety Officer


Provide Oversight & Transparency of Inspections

  • Reduce biases related to inspections with real-time dashboards of inspections and self-inspections that report findings and trends.
  • View frequent findings, outstanding inspections, inspection history, activity trends, and more, at the organizational, departmental, and group-specific level.
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Get inspections done faster and increase productivity by
over 20%


Automate Inspection Process & Frequency

  • Set frequencies of inspections based on hazards, department, buildings, focus area, or even for individual groups. Inspection compliance automation triggers inspections based on a groups’ risks, needs, and hazards profile.
  • Configurable checklists allow teams to create a variety of inspection types that can be set to hazard or location-based requirements. Set the frequency of scheduled inspections to reduce administrative burden and ensure compliance.
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over 67% of EHS and Lab Ops leaders don’t trust that their data is reliable, secure, or accessible.


Drive Compliance & Operational Excellence

  • Allow for any discipline to build their own inspection checklist with findings and corrective actions that can be reused, ensuring continuity between inspectors.
  • Monitor the status of individual findings and track all correspondence related to the inspection in one place, giving visibility to all team members.
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