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Are siloed EHS and Lab Operations activities hindering your
compliance and efficiency goals?

Ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant laboratory environment today with a unified platform developed by scientists for total transparency, decreasing total operational costs and reducing personal and organizational risk.

  • Learn how to reduce time spent on common lab safety and operations tasks by over 80%
  • Gain insights into how to free more time for research. Push boundaries – not paperwork!
  • See how to enhance communications and drive real-time oversight, with less administrative burden
  • Delve into how to gain safety compliance and adherence with confidence

Are you ready…

to simplify your lab safety compliance without slowing down research?

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Greater Gift

SciShield has partnered with GreaterGift.org to donate a life-saving vaccine or meal to a child in need on completion of demo.

“SciShield has the expertise and proven solution…building a foundation for a strong partnership helping us improve and strengthen our processes.”
“Software that's user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate from section to section. We built a Biosafety program from scratch!”
“We’ve replaced Excel, paper, and Access databases with efficiency, turning manual tasks from hours into minutes.”
“No more sending manual reports! When an inspection goes out, if things don’t get completed, the system automatically triggers emails to follow up.”