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Streamline laboratory safety compliance and simplify inventory management

Scientist Tested. EHS & Lab Ops Approved.

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Our Customers

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Operate Safe, Compliant, & Productive Labs

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Unite EHS, Operations, & Scientists

Combine a variety of your data sources into one user-friendly system. Implement workflows proven to reduce time, save money, and mitigate risk.

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Drive Safety Compliance & Productivity

Set up automated workflows to improve productivity and eliminate time-consuming tasks. One-click reporting reduces labor hours and consulting fees.

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Simplify Material Tracking & Regulatory Reporting

User-friendly material tracking and inventory management. Generate complex regulatory reports with ease. Instantly find the information you need.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Precise Needs

Life Science Solutions

Life Sciences

Drive productivity and simplify reporting with enterprise EHS & inventory management solutions.


Incubators & Co-Working Labs

Give your members access to a single solution for their health, safety, inventory tracking, and training needs.

Higher Education Solutions

Higher Education

Create an organized directory of your labs, reduce administrative burden, and give your researchers a lab safety solution that they will embrace. 

Government Solutions


Confidently manage laboratory EHS compliance and inventory tracking with a government cloud solution.

Oil & Energy
helmet safety

Oil & Energy

Drive safety compliance without the burden. Easy-to-view dashboards, actionable data, and one-click reporting allow for proactive risk management.
Chemical Companies
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Chemical Companies

Intuitive chemical inventory, the world's most powerful hand-curated chemical database, one-click reporting, SDS access, and much more.

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The Power of the Platform

Integrated Platform

Integrated Platform

Integrated Platform

Reduce total operational costs with a single, easy-to-use system that improves laboratory safety and increases efficiency.

ChemTracker & SDS

ChemTracker & SDS


Manage chemical inventory with a robust chemical database. Easily generate complex regulatory reports.

Inspections & Audits

Inspections & Audits

Inspections & Audits

Assign, conduct, and review inspections and self-inspections based on hazard and risk criteria, which drives real-time data analysis dashboards.

Incident Management

Incident Management

Incident Management

Allow users to submit incident and near miss reports. Alerts when new reports come in. Track the follow-up investigation of every report and see oversight level data. Coming Soon. Click to schedule a call and learn more.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Allow for streamlined waste pickup requests process, from the lab to health and safety, while retaining lab-specific data.

Training LMS

Training LMS Delivery & Management

Training Delivery & Management

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with user-specific assignments, automated requirements, and reminders.

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Equipment Management

Track and manage your organization’s scientist equipment and assets, including users, locations, certifications, and more.

Biological Management

Biological Management

Biosafety Registration & Committee Review

Streamline the Biosafety registration process, from project and materials submission to committee review, for all parties involved.

Radioisotope Management

Radioisotope Management

Radioisotope Management

Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from broad scope license limits to authorized user registrations, and cradle to grave reporting.

Medical Surveillance

Medical Surveillance

Medical Surveillance

Integrating EHS with specific medical surveillance requirements for your organization while keeping patient data separate.

Animal Contact Occupational Health

Animal Contact Occupational Health

Animal Contact Occupational Health

Identify, review, and track users that are potentially exposed to animal allergens, as well as survey for their exposure levels and potential health impacts.

Door Signs

Door Signs

Door Signs

Let SciShield make generating door signs easy for you. Our software automatically pairs digital and paper door signs and handles all the obnoxious formatting.

SciSchield Guarantee

We Value Your Security

Security is built into the DNA of our products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded.

Our software aligns with the strict requirements of US government, supports FDA record requirements, and adheres to commercial privacy and security compliance requirements in the US, Canada, EU, and beyond such as GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, Privacy Shield, and more.

NIST 800-171


ISO/IEC 27001



Assessed Infrastructure Partners

Data Encrypted

(at rest & in motion) using FIPS 140-2 validation modules

Security Team


21 CFR Part 11


SciShield customers reduce time spent on common lab safety and operations tasks by over 80%.

See what else they love.

Cynthia P. - LTRI
The [SciShield] modules and folks have exceeded all expectations! Including LTRI’s IT folks, a challenging group to impress, no doubt.
Cynthia P.

Laboratory Safety Manager
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

Sean F.
With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft.
Sean F.

Manager of Biological Safety & EHS, Chair of the Institutional Biological Safety Committee
Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH)

Patrick Z. - Roche
SciShield has the expertise and proven solution…building a foundation for a strong partnership helping us improve and strengthen our processes.
Patrick Z.

Project Manager
Basel, Switzerland

Jim G.- Clemson
I'm confident that if we have problems, there is someone there to help talk it through. From commitment to implementation and post-implementation. Without Service and Support, this would be a huge barrier for us.
Jim G.

Executive Director, Occupational and Environmental Safety
Clemson University

Gail H.- Boston College
I figured we’d end up with an inventory of ~35% off … but there was only a 20% difference - [with ChemTracker] now we know what we’ve got!
Gail H.

Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Boston College

I was a huge skeptic, but they exceeded our expectations then and now - what a great decision!

Steve L.

Director of IH / EHS
Tufts University

We’re not worried about being inspected …. back before SciShield, the answer was, “No, we didn’t know.” Now, it’s “Heck yes! We know our training data – here look at it all!
Sony H.

Associate Director, EHS
Systems and Training
Boston University

No more sending manual reports! We do all inspections on iPADS and can get more inspections done per quarter, with a 20% increase. We've reduced follow-up times too. When an inspection goes out, if things don’t get completed, the system automatically triggers emails to follow up.
Jennifer P.

Laboratory Safety Manager
Oregon State University

Increase Productivity and Accelerate Your Return On Investment


Download the Researcher Productivity Survey to learn more about:

  • Lowering administrative burden
  • FTE labor reduction and cost savings
  • Researcher time savings on common safety and compliance tasks
  • Annual cost savings for inspections

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