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The world's most powerful
hand-curated chemical database
& regulatory reporting engine.

Scientist trusted. EHS & Lab Ops approved.

Chemical Inventory

A complete, user-friendly chemical inventory solution that includes bulk edit and reconciliation tools to ensure inventory is accurate and updated in real time.

Regulatory Reporting

Store and generate complex Regulatory Reporting you can trust. Easily pull reports with one click, including Tier II, RTK, Firecode Compliance, and MAQs.

Robust Database of Chemical

Complete database of chemical hazards and properties, with over 25 years of curated content. Includes details of popular hazards, peroxide formers, expiration dates, and more.

Customers who love ChemTracker

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Why ChemTracker

Classifications to Safely Store Your Chemicals

Eliminate storage chaos by digitizing your chemical inventory with container-level tracking in real-time

Computer mouse

Save hours of complex report pulling with easy-to-track, one-click Regulatory Reporting

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Zero setup! An established chemical database of over
2 million curated SDS with easy search functionality


Reliable reports at the aggregate unit, including Tier II, RTK, Firecode Compliance, and Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs)

RFID Barcodes & Scanners

Eliminate the frustration of unlabeled containers with easy-to-create barcodes and tagging for easy inventory management.

Promote chemical sharing that saves money on unnecessary ordering, while reducing waste and hazardous materials on-hand

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Top ChemTracker Features

Chemical Inventory

Chemical Inventory

Container Level Tracking

Container level tracking in real-time, including a "big picture" view of all chemicals. Filter, view, track, and locate high-hazard materials and chemicals individually or by lab group.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

Accurate and Reliable Reporting

Save hours and days of complex report pulling at the aggregate unit, including Tier II, RTK, Firecode Compliance, and MAQ's.

SDS Search & Auto-match

SDS Mgmt: Search & Auto-match

25+ years of curated content

Access to a comprehensive library of safety data sheets, including the ability to search by chemical name or CAS, and automatically assign SDS to any container.

Inventory Audit & Monitoring

Inventory Audit & Monitoring

Optimized Reconciliation

Reconcile physical inventory with records to correct discrepancies, and monitor inventory levels so you always know how much is in stock, what's running out, expiration dates, and more.

RFID, Barcode, & Scanners

RFID, Barcode, & Scanners

Existing labels, No problem

Barcode inventory system with easy-to-locate containers using barcodes, scanners, and RFID. Our system is compatible with most hardware systems and requirements.

Peroxide Formers

Peroxide Formers

Set Search Parameters

Finding peroxide formers is a breeze. Search based on specific parameters, such as expiration dates. Get results for important details like exactly how many peroxide formers are set to expire by a given date.

SciShield customers reduce time spent on common lab safety and operations tasks by over 80%

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Working on a project with the SciShield Team has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to draw from SciShield’s expertise and proven solution, while at the same time having our specific business needs heard and incorporated. This has allowed us to build the foundation for a strong partnership which will help us improve and strengthen our processes. A lot of trust has been built between our teams.
Patrick Z.

Project Manager
Basel, Switzerland

No more sending manual reports! We do all inspections on iPads and can get more inspections done per quarter, with a 20% increase. We've reduced follow-up times too. When an inspection goes out, if things don’t get completed, the system automatically triggers emails to follow up.
Jennette P.

Laboratory Safety Officer
Oregon State University

We’ve replaced Excel, paper, and Access databases with efficiency, turning manual tasks from hours into minutes.
Lab Operations

The Engine Accelerator


Using SciShield to manage the Medical Surveillance Enrollment for the Animal Contact groups has increased productivity by 75%.

Jim G.

Executive Director
Clemson University

With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft.
Sean F.

Manager Biological Safety & EHS
Chair of the Institutional Biological Safety Committee
Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH)

I figured we’d end up with an inventory of ~35% off … but there was only a 20% difference - [with ChemTracker] now we know what we’ve got!
Gail H.

Environmental Health & Safety
Boston College

The modules and team have exceeded all expectations! Including with LTRI’s IT folks (a challenging group to impress, no doubt!)
Cynthia P.

Laboratory Safety Manager
Research Institute 

We’re not worried about being inspected... back before SciShield, the answer was, “No, we didn’t know.” Now, it’s “Heck yes! We know our training data – here, look at it all!”
Sony H.

Associate Director, EHS
Systems and Training
Boston University

Software that's user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate from section to section. We built a Biosafety program from scratch! The Bio Module will help standardize IBC submissions / reviews and verify compliance with the NIH Guidelines across the University.
Wyndi K.

Baylor University

The Power of the Right Chemical Inventory & Reporting System


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