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Incident Management.

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Incident Management

Incident Management Core Benefits

Centralized Hub For Data and Reporting

Centralized Hub For Data and Reporting

Easy-to-use Incident Management tracking hub.

Oversight For All Departments

Oversight For All Departments

Provides oversight for EHS, risk management, facilities, and occupational health.


Simple & Intuitive User Experience

Built to be easy for end users to log incidents and near misses, ensuring you are notified.

Simplify Incident Management


Track incidents from initial report to close out


Identify root causes and preventative actions to reduce risk.

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Accurately capture near miss data


Works with your existing incident report forms


Easy oversight of open reports with status updates


Track and export data for OSHA 300 form


Assign employees to follow-up on specific reports


Mobile friendly: report and track incidents on the go


Provides the data needed for annual reports

Our Features



Track incidents from initial report to close out.

Track incidents from initial report to close out.

Incident and near miss reports are added using a simple, easy to use interface. Track the follow-up investigation for every report, all the way to identifying root causes and corrective actions.


Easy oversight of open reports with status updates.

Easy oversight of open reports with status updates.

On one page, see the status of each open report and who is responsible for follow-up, with option to drill down into the details.
Data & Reporting

Data & Reporting

Get the data you need, including for near misses.

Get the data you need, including for near misses.

See graphical reports showing data such as reports by department. Full data exports available as well, including an API.

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Increase Productivity. Accelerate Your Return On Investment.

When it comes to research, speed wins. Researchers want to complete their health and safety tasks quickly and efficiently so they can spend more time on the research they love.

Download the Researcher Productivity Survey to learn more about:

  • Lowering administrative burden
  • Principal investigator cost savings
  • Researcher time savings on common safety and compliance tasks
  • Annual cost savings for inspections

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Cynthia Pressman - LTRI-Final-1
The [SciShield] modules and your folks have exceeded all expectations! Including with LTRI’s IT folks (a challenging group to impress, no doubt).
Cynthia Pressman

Laboratory Safety Manager
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

Patrick Zaugg
Working on a project with the SciShield Team has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to draw from SciShield’s expertise and proven solution, while at the same time having our specific business needs heard and incorporated. This has allowed us to build the foundation for a strong partnership which will help us improve and strengthen our processes. A lot of trust has been built between our teams.
Patrick Zaugg

Project Manager
Basel, Switzerland

Sean Fitzgerald Headshot-1
With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft.
Sean Fitzgerald

Manager of Biological Safety and EHS, Chair of the Institutional Biological Safety Committee
Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH)