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RFID: A Leap in Lab Safety & Inventory Control

Posted by Amber Poltl on Mar 15, 2024 11:56:33 AM


RFID: A Leap in Lab Safety & Inventory Control

In the world of laboratory management, efficiency, cost management, safety, and compliance aren't just goals; they're necessities. How you manage your chemical inventory can significantly impact these crucial aspects. That's where RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology steps in, revolutionizing how labs handle chemical inventory management. In this article, we'll dive into how RFID technology tackles common inventory challenges and pairs seamlessly with robust inventory management software to provide customized solutions.

93% of North American companies using RFID technology
for inventory tracking,
reporting a 10% ROI.

Safety Compliance: A Top Priority

The cornerstone of any lab environment is safety and compliance. But improved compliance is more than just keeping tabs on chemicals. It's about staying within regulatory limits and ensuring that reagents are stored in controlled environments, in line with OSHA’s standards.

One frequent error in the management of chemical inventories is the failure to update records when chemicals are consumed or discarded, leading to overreporting. This is where RFID technology shines. It ensures accurate tracking of chemicals, aiding labs in staying compliant with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Integrating RFID into a chemical inventory tool makes compliance not just a goal but a seamless part of your lab’s daily operations.


Boosting Efficiencies: Beyond the Basics

Efficiency in a lab isn’t just about speed; it's about accuracy and real-time tracking. RFID technology allows for monitoring containers from 'active' to 'disposed,' optimizing purchasing, reducing waste, and improving emergency response times.

Accurate labeling of chemicals is crucial. It informs lab personnel about potential hazards, prevents the generation of unknown substances, and facilitates quick emergency responses. Knowing the location and quantity of your chemical containers is an HCS requirement, and real-time inventory tracking with RFID technology makes this process more efficient than manual labeling methods, which are often riddled with inefficiencies and transcription errors.

On average, companies that adopt RFID see their
inventory accuracy go from
63% to 95%

Cutting Costs, Not Corners

With RFID, completing inventory counts can become 100 times faster. With the hourly cost of FTEs, the potential savings are enormous. As RFID usage grows across industries, its cost has reduced significantly, making it an increasingly accessible option for labs of all sizes.

When it comes to managing laboratory spend, RFID technology offers unparalleled productivity and cost-effectiveness. Implementing RFID technology increases inventory count rates exponentially, leading to significant time and cost savings. This transition aligns with the economic analysis of the HCS, which suggests that the updates result in net cost savings, thereby providing a financially viable solution for labs.


Understanding Risk and Solutions

Expanding our educational approach is crucial to help the industry comprehend the risks associated with unlabeled and unaccounted for chemicals in the lab. The inconvenience of unlabeled containers today far outweighs the transition to RFID technology. It's not just a technology shift; it's a paradigm shift toward better safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Most Common Risks of Poor Chemical Inventory Management 
Safety Hazards | Audit Findings | Monetary Loss


Decisions Based on Facts

The integration of RFID technology in laboratory settings significantly contributes to fulfilling the requirements of OSHA's HCS, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and compliance.

RFID technology isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer in the realm of laboratory management. By addressing safety, efficiency, and spending concerns, RFID empowers labs to focus on what they do best – groundbreaking research and innovation. Don't let outdated inventory methods hold your lab back. Embrace RFID technology and step into a future of streamlined, safe, and efficient laboratory management.


Getting Started with RFID

To fully grasp how RFID can transform your lab’s inventory management, schedule a demo with an expert at SciShield. We offer tailored solutions that address the unique needs of your lab, ensuring that you're not just meeting standards but also setting new ones.


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