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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

Designing or Renovating Labs: How do you avoid problems?



With so much at stake, how do you design and manage a lab’s initial construct, reno, and operations? Can you incorporate prevention-through-design techniques for successful chemical safety management? Come, listen, ask, and learn from our experts.
Please click here for a copy of the Lab Renovation Checklists by Cary Stoneman.
David Griffiths
COE Facilities Manager, UC Davis, College of Engineering
Cary Stoneman
Project Manager, Facilities and Research Development, Arizona State University, Fulton Schools of Engineering

This webinar aired on Thursday, February 10, 2022

Meet the Panelists:


Dave Griffiths (3) 

David Griffiths

COE Facilities Manager
UC Davis, College of Engineering

David Griffiths has been in the construction industry since 1990. In his 30 plus years in the industry, David has served as a general contractor, superintendent, project manager, operations manager, general manager, and now as a Facilities Manager for the UC Davis College of Engineering.  In his role, he works collaboratively with PIs, Safety Services/EHS, Design & Construction Management, and contractors to build efficient and protective labs and other spaces. 


Cary Stoneman 

Cary Stoneman

Project Manager, Research Facilities and Space Development
Arizona State University, Fulton Schools of Engineering

Eight years with Arizona State University as an ombudsman for researchers and as delegate for the six schools of engineering under the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) college (25,000+ engineering students). Experience totaling more than 150 ASU research laboratory and renovation projects over three campuses. Plan, develop, program, administer and manage research laboratory renovations as well as handling building facility coordination with other ASU entities (Facilities, Capital Projects, University Architects).. Active in process improvement across all aspects of Engineering College research facility renovations including: improved leadership; communication; front end planning; value engineering; mentoring staff and associates; and, team collaboration.

Jonathan Klane Headshot-1 

Jonathan Klane

MC; Director of Risk Management and Safety Education

After many years in consulting, teaching, and directing safety and risk for two engineering colleges, Jonathan is now part of the SciShield team in a new role – Director of Risk management and Safety Education. This new innovative position encompasses risk management, safety culture, EHS compliance, loss control, and safety education for the entire community.