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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

Evaluating Hazardous Chemical Reactions

Do your scientists know all the hazards of their chemical reactions? Hear how our expert panelists communicate,
help identify, and avoid these dangerous situations.

This webinar aired on August 26, 2021

Meet the Panelists:


Katie Mulligan

Katie Mulligan

Katie is Dow's Reactive Chemicals Subject Matter Expert supporting Packaging/Specialty Plastics, Amines, and Core R&D. She's an expert in Reactive Chemicals hazard recognition, evaluation and using calorimetric/flammability techniques to assess/quantify process hazards. She's relied on to define safe operating limits and determine process operation(s) subject to overpressure due to chemical reactivity. Katie's passionate about innovation and recently led a team to couple hazard calorimetry to online analytical detection. She's currently leading Dow's global R&D initiative to prevent lab-scale incidents.

Jonathan Eisenberg

Jonathan Eisenberg 

Jonathan Eisenberg is Associate Principal and Americas Region Science Leader at Arup, based in Boston. Jon has 34 years of fire and chemical engineering experience, including specialty chemical manufacturing. Jon supports clients on manufacturing and laboratory risk mitigation and compliance projects. Jon holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College and an MS in Fire Protection Engineering from WPI. Jon is a PE in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Amanda Hoyt Headshot

Amanda Hoyt

Health & Safety Specialist
Arizona State University

Amanda's interest in laboratory safety began during her organic chemistry graduate research, where she worked with tert-butyllithium on a regular basis. The infamous case of a researcher's fatal dimethyl mercury exposure through gloves also inspired her interest in glove compatibility. She holds a thesis M.S. in organic chemistry, and has more than five years of experience as an embedded safety professional in academic engineering and chemistry research.

Jonathan Klane Headshot-1

Jonathan Klane

MC; Director of Risk Management and Safety Education

After many years in consulting, teaching, and directing safety and risk for two engineering colleges, Jonathan is now part of the SciShield team in a new role – Director of Risk management and Safety Education. This new innovative position encompasses risk management, safety culture, EHS compliance, loss control, and safety education for the entire community.