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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

High Energy Materials: How well are you managing their risks?

Potentially explosive materials are a common enough risk in labs to get our attention when something goes wrong. But what about managing their risks? Learn from our expert panelists and ask your questions.
Bart Dervaux
Reactive Chemicals SME, Analytical Science, Dow Benelux b.v.
Ashok Dastidar
Vice President, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services Fauske & Associates, LLC
Min Sheng, PhD, PE
Reactive Chemicals Technical Leader, Corteva Agriscience

This Webinar Aired on Thursday January 13, 2022.

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Meet the Panelists:

2016 Bart Dervaux PP (U549494) 

Bart Dervaux

Reactive Chemicals SME, Analytical Science
Dow Benelux b.v.

Bart is a Reactive Chemicals Subject Matter Expert at Dow supporting Packaging/Specialty Plastics, silicones, Aromatic hydrocarbons, cellulosics and latex, both on the R&D side and on the manufacturing side. He's an expert in Reactive Chemicals hazard recognition, evaluation and using calorimetric/flammability techniques to assess/quantify process hazards. She's relied on to define safe operating limits and determine process operation(s) subject to overpressure due to chemical reactivity. Bart holds a MS in organic chemistry and did a PhD in the field of polymer chemistry.

Ashok Dastidar

Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar, PhD MBA

Vice President, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services 
Fauske & Associates, LLC

BartDr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar is a Fellow Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company LLC and Vice President of Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services at Fauske & Associates. He specializes in Chemical Process Hazards Analysis, Flammable Dusts, Liquids & Vapors Explosion and Combustion Hazards Analysis and Testing, and Electrostatic Hazards Analysis. He is the Chairperson of ASTM International E27 “Hazard Potential of Chemicals” Technical Committee and a member of the AIChE and NFPA. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Powder and Bulk Solids and J. Loss Prev. Process Ind. Dr. Dastidar has authored numerous publications and been a featured presenter at >23 conferences.

Min Sheng

Min Sheng, PhD, PE

Reactive Chemicals Technical Leader, Corteva Agriscience

Min started his career as SME in the Dow Reactive Chemicals (RC) group and led the high energy team in the group. During Dow-DuPont Merge/Spin, he joined the Ag division as the only RC SME and established the Reactive chemicals group for this new company. He also learned the reactivity hazard evaluation techniques from DuPont and combined them with Dow’s.

Jonathan Klane Headshot-1

Jonathan Klane

MC; Director of Risk Management and Safety Education

After many years in consulting, teaching, and directing safety and risk for two engineering colleges, Jonathan is now part of the SciShield team in a new role – Director of Risk management and Safety Education. This new innovative position encompasses risk management, safety culture, EHS compliance, loss control, and safety education for the entire community.