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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

Identifying & Improving Inefficient Safety Processes

To continue operating sustainably, Health & Safety professionals must fundamentally reassess and improve pre-COVID safety processes. How? Through effective, real-world process improvement. [This webinar aired on January 14, 2021]

Erich Fruchtnicht - Headshot

Erich Fruchtnicht

Assistant Radiological Safety Officer and Senior Health Physicist
Texas A&M University

Erich is Assistant RSO at Texas A&M. He holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and M.S. in Health Physics from Texas A&M, and is a CHMM. Erich has 19 years of experience in radiation safety, protection and research, and professional training and instruction. Erich has co-authored seven peer-reviewed technical papers (four of which address EHS efficiency) and multiple articles. Erich is a member of CSHEMA, HPS, Sigma XI, and MENSA.

Amy Haberman - Headshot

Amy Haberman

Assistant Director, Continuous Improvement
University of Florida

After 15 years as an EHS professional (six as the Director of Safety for the college of engineering at the University of Florida) Amy shifted her career to focus on continuous improvement in all administrative areas as the Director for Continuous Improvement in the Office of the Vice President at UF. Her work focuses on empowering staff to identify and solve problems, increase efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Amy is a member-at-large of the CSHEMA Board of Trustees and an Associate Safety Professional recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Karla Loebick Headshot

Karla Loebick

Higher Education Consultant

Karla Loebick, Ph.D. is a Higher Education Consultant specializing in process improvement, training and mentoring, and project management. Karla has extensive experience working in higher education, a variety of industries, and international contexts. This lens provides a thorough foundation and contextualized understanding transformational work towards change. Karla integrates knowledge of trends and issues in the higher education and corporate sectors with strategies and solutions for broader issues needing improvement.

Matt Segal headshot

Matt Segal

Matt found his way to SciShield after working at Boston Children's Hospital performing translational rare blood disease research. As the safety guy in his lab, he saw firsthand how challenging it was to manage safety in a laboratory environment and wanted to find a way to help. He now spends his time hosting webinars, arguing with his 3D printer, and cooking food in plastic bags at low temperatures.