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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

Peroxide Formers – Tracking & Disposal


Questions about peroxide former tracking and disposal require high quality answers. We’ll review salient points and real-world solutions. This webinar aired on Eastern. May 6, 2021


Meet the Panelists:

Jeff Harris - Headshot

Jeffrey J Harris

Chemical Safety & Hazardous Materials Manager
Carnegie Mellon University

Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania Safety Sciences. Worked 5 years as Risk Control Manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Worked 3 years as Campus Safety Manager, University of Arkansas. Have worked 20 years as EH&S Lab and Research Safety Manager, Carnegie Mellon University. Instructor Chemistry Sophomore Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University, a course designed to teach Environmental Health & Safety Programs to future chemists. Hobbies include fishing and tennis.

Tammy Lutz-Rechtin - Headshot

Tammy Lutz-Rechtin

Safety Coordinator
University of Arkansas

Dr. Lutz-Rechtin is an experienced safety coordinator working in the higher education industry for the last ten years in chemical engineering at the University of Arkansas. With over twenty years of chemical and biological research experience, she has firsthand knowledge of the creation of peroxide former waste streams to waste management procedures. Her role in engineering allows her to tackle safety issues at the design level with the intention of later safe scale-up with industry partners.

Corey Martin - Headshot

Corey Martin

Corey Martin is an EHS and workplace safety consultant who specializes in supporting companies in the life science, biotech, pharmaceutical, tech R&D, and craft brewing industries. As a former scientist, Corey combines a unique blend of scientific and regulatory knowledge to offer customized safety solutions for early- and mid-stage companies. Corey highlights the importance of proactive safety investment to build a strong safety culture at all levels of the organization.

Matt Segal headshot

Matt Segal

Matt found his way to SciShield after working at Boston Children's Hospital performing translational rare blood disease research. As the safety guy in his lab, he saw firsthand how challenging it was to manage safety in a laboratory environment and wanted to find a way to help. He now spends his time hosting webinars, arguing with his 3D printer, and cooking food in plastic bags at low temperatures.