Manage the rDNA and Biosafety registration process in a manner that is easy for Scientists, Biosafety officers, and IBC Members.

The IBC Biosafety Registration Module provides processes and controls necessary to properly register and oversee recombinant DNA use, biosafety, and biosecurity. 

This enables scientists to register their use of biological materials and methods using an easy to use and secure web-based interface.  It is scientist friendly promoting accurate reporting of activities and an atmosphere of cooperation.

A wizard walks the scientists through a series of logic based surveys and input forms that work together to build a comprehensive summary of the laboratory's research activities and reagents.

  • Surveys and forms cover everything from NIH required recombinant DNA (rDNA) use and Dual Use experiments to pathogen and viral vector experiments.
  • The Scientists can update the summary throughout the year and submit a renewal when required.
  • The Biosafety Officer (BSO) can walk into audits and inspections with full knowledge of the laboratory's research in-hand. 
  • The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) can readily review the summary and approve research


Feature Highlights

  • Ability to delegate process to a laboratory member (Authorized user must review and submit)
  • Tracks projects and laboratory members working on each project
  • Smart wizard ensures that scientists are only asked questions pertinent to their research.
  • Logic based surveys facilitate the classification of research
    • A. Review before initiation of research
    • B. Standard review
    • C. Exempt from IBC review
  • Auto generated task-lists keep the PI on track with what needs completed
  • Keep record of biological agents and rDNA (plasmids, viruses, and recombinant organisms)
  • Advanced registration forms for pathogen and viral vector projects
  • Biological summary document for each laboratory enables the IBC to accurately evaluate and review research projects
  • Workflows to process review and approval
  • Ability to send review questions and comments to PI so they can update the update registration and re-submit


Easy Compliance Management

  • Ability to track in detail a lab's progress through the registration process
  • High level report of the current status of registrations across the research center
  • Auto reminders to scientists when registrations expire
  • Send manual e-mail reminders and track correspondence with a lab


Cross System Connections

  • Ties to Training Module to drive training requirements (e.g. Scientists listed on a Viral Vector registration form can be required to take a viral vector training course)
  • Manage biological registration form requirements via the form manager
  • Track biological research equipment via the equipment manager


Compliance regulations and related media