Academic Safety

Provide targeted safety training for students in laboratories, machine & engineering shops, the arts, and more


  • Integrates with your course registration system
  • Courses with lab components can trigger training
  • Course type determines training requirements
  • Clearly displays the training students must complete
  • Reports show registration and training compliance
  • Automated reminders of training requirements


  • Add teaching laboratories to your safety training program
  • Provide consistent training content
  • Makes sure everyone takes the right training
  • Help students understand their training requirements
  • Provides insight into course registration
  • Save time driving training and compliance

Add Teaching Laboratories to Your Safety Training Program

Undergraduate and graduate students are the least experienced researchers and therefore more needful of laboratory safety training. By integrating with your existing course registration system, you can add students to your laboratory safety training program in SciShield.

Provide Consistent Training Content

Most institutions rely on professors or TAs to provide training for their laboratory courses or to ensure training compliance. SciShield can deliver training materials in an easy web-accessible format, and provide real-time insight into who has completed their safety training and who has not.

Makes Sure Everyone Takes the Right Training

A challenge facing many institutions is how do you make sure students take the right training for the courses they are taking? SciShield’s training assignment rules can automatically assign training requirements to students based on the classes they are taking, ensuring no student misses important training.

Help Students Understand Their Training Requirements

If a student has a hard time finding out their training requirements, they’ll be less likely to participate in your laboratory safety program. When students log in to SciShield, they are immediately shown an easy to understand list of their training requirements and can easily launch training from the same screen.

Provides Insight into Course Registration

How do you know which individuals, courses, or departments are doing well or need help with training? SciShield’s training dashboards help instructors, department heads, and training managers identify success and gaps in student training.

Save Time Driving Training and Compliance

Many organizations find that chasing students to take their required training time consuming and frustrating. SciShield automatically notifies students of new training requirements and sends regular reminders, saving training managers many hours of frustrating labor.