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5 Features to Look for in Chemical Inventory Software

Posted by Kris Richards on Jul 11, 2022 3:41:38 PM

Today’s technological innovations are transforming the chemical inventory management and compliance space by simplifying labs’ internal processes and streamlining previously arduous tasks. But making the switch from manual tracking to a chemical inventory software solution can be time-consuming and risky if you don’t know what to look for–or where to look. 

So, where should you begin? As the EHS safety and chemical inventory management industry becomes increasingly crowded, it’s important  to understand which key features to prioritize when shopping for a software solution. We’ve developed a list of the five features our team recognizes as the most important considerations when choosing a chemical inventory software. 

Robust Central Database

To ensure your laboratories are meeting regulatory requirements and the highest levels of safety, you need chemical inventory software with a central database. With a chemical and mixture database, you can streamline the production of complex, accurate reports without spending hours on development. SciShield’s proprietary database has been verified and updated for over 25 years (and counting!). 

With a hand-curated database, your chemical inventory software can exponentially increase the accuracy and efficiency of your internal processes while ensuring safety. 

Safety & Security

Safety First–especially when you’re managing complex chemical inventories. Chemical incidents are one of the most common laboratory accidents. With the right chemical inventory software, you can meet safety and regulatory needs automatically. Look for a software solution that provides total visibility into the location of hazardous chemicals across your organization. Likewise, look for an all-inclusive solution that has a trusted, secure database to identify any regulatory or fire code implications or potential hazards. 

User-Friendly Inventory Reconciliation

One of the most tedious, but critical, tasks of chemical inventory management is inventory reconciliation. With the right software solution, you can optimize your manual inventory reconciliation process, freeing up bandwidth, reducing stress, and increasing the mobility of your team. To bridge efficiency gaps in your inventory reconciliation process, look for a tool that automates and optimizes your audit workflows, provides scalability and visibility, and simplifies inventory management through a user-friendly interface. 

Our inventory reconciliation tool was designed to simplify the chemical audit process through a user-friendly interface that provides next-level visibility, efficiency, and workflow capabilities. 

Automated Reporting

Manual reporting can take lab professionals hours or days to complete. One of the greatest potential benefits of a chemical inventory software solution is its ability to automate these processes. The best reporting tools empower your team to easily run complex reports in seconds. By letting automation do the heavy lifting, you can scale your team to work on new projects or focus on other laboratory safety and management processes. 

SDS Management Capability

Your chemical inventory software should be compatible with safety data sheets to ensure seamless integration and tracking. SciShield’s Chemtracker solution is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for managing SDS. With Chemtracker, SDS can be tracked per container and available for users to search, providing more accessibility, timeliness, and safety transparency overall. 

Choosing a Software Solution

More and more, laboratories and businesses are opting for software solutions to streamline their internal processes and increase safety and accuracy.  If you’re considering investing in chemical inventory software, don’t get overwhelmed by the crowded marketplace. Utilize our key features list as a guide to narrow the market and choose the best solution for your unique laboratory needs. 

With over 25 years of chemical compliance and safety experience, SciShield has helped thousands of laboratories transform their chemical inventory management systems with our ChemTracker chemical inventory software. 

Our powerful chemical inventory and reporting system simplifies the chemical inventory process and ensures reliable chemical data while also lowering risk. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about ChemTracker.

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