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“We didn’t expect the added benefits we got – but boy, are we glad!”

Posted by Jonathan Klane on Apr 13, 2021 11:46:48 AM

You know, as I look back on the whole process, I don’t think I ever could’ve predicted how really well it went. Even in retrospect, it’s still hard to see it. I mean, we had three major problems. We were going to lose an admin person who did a lot of our data entry daily grind. We had a pandemic going on like everyone else. And we were nervous about our biosafety certifications, tracking problems, etc. And yet, here we are – able to see everything. Here’s the story in a nutshell.

We were finally getting SciShield, and there were a lot of the typical reactions – mostly nervous excitement over how the implementation process would actually roll out, the full-on integration, and of course, how would implementation be?  

Targeting our greatest needs, we got two of the modules to start – Inspections and Training – and of course, the Platform, a must-have to run it all smoothly! In the run-up to integration, our IT team was wicked nervous. 

It was a tight tight tight schedule for us. But SciShield broke it down into manageable steps. They made it easy on us, and it really really worked great! Our IT folks were seriously impressed – and they’re a challenging group to impress, no doubt.

When we set up our Inspections module, Brandon in Professional Services was so patient with us and our questions – he was so helpful and very courteous! What a pleasure!

We were already scheduled to lose an admin person before getting SciShield – and with no plans to replace her, that was going to slow us way down. But we got SciShield, and all of a sudden, we had all of the data we needed, just a click away. Who knew that we’d get a software system, and it’d also fill a gap we had? To be fair, this was not work one of our professional staff would be doing. It was the type of daily data grind no one likes. So, to have software spare us that pain was our gain!

Now that we’re using the Inspections module, it has helped us with our biosafety certification program. 

With our having to work remotely, of course, we had struggled with how to do the checking we needed to. Using the Self-Inspections tool, we were now able to do tracking – like with broken emergency showers for the first time – that was a relief. And as opposed to so many others in EHS land were struggling with not doing inspections, we were excited for how it enabled ours. We have much more confidence in our data now than we did before.  

So, what’s next for us? 

Hopefully, we’ll get the ChemTracker module – then life would be beautiful!

Cynthia Pressman
Laboratory Safety Manager
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute