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The Scishield EHS Community Connection Webinar Series

ChemTracker - A Customer's Experience

ChemTracker is a powerful system to manage and track chemical inventories, SDSs, reports, fire code limits, etc. It's used by R1 institutions, large life science companies, and start-ups alike. Come hear about our customers' experiences from our Manager of Chemical Solutions, Sarina Schwartz-Hinds.  

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This webinar aired on Thursday January 27, 2022.


Meet the Panelists:

Sarina Schwartz-Hinds 1 - preferred 

Sarina Schwartz-Hinds

Manager, Chemical Solutions

Sarina brings her experience as a chemist to SciShield, working with customers on everything ChemTracker related. As a member of the SciShield Product Team, she interfaces with the Development and Professional Services Teams on the planning and rollout of new features.


Tiffany Nelson 

Tiffany J. Nelson, PhD

Chemical Safety Specialist
Syracuse University

Tiffany J. Nelson is the Chemical Safety Specialist in the Environmental Health and Safety Services team at Syracuse University. She is new to the field of environmental health and safety and is eager to promote lab and chemical safety across campus. Tiff previously worked in the biotechnology industry as a Research Scientist. Nelson earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from Syracuse University in 2017.



Jonathan Klane Headshot-1 

Jonathan Klane

MC; Director of Risk Management and Safety Education

After many years in consulting, teaching, and directing safety and risk for two engineering colleges, Jonathan is now part of the SciShield team in a new role – Director of Risk management and Safety Education. This new innovative position encompasses risk management, safety culture, EHS compliance, loss control, and safety education for the entire community.