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Biosafety Registration & Committee Review. Simplified.

  • Manage registration process that is easy for Researchers, Biosafety Officers, and IBC members 
  • Comply with IBC guidelines remotely in a digital environment
  • Improves visibility into registrations and applicable guidelines 
  • Reduces research approval time  
  • Records biological agents & rDNA   
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"SciShield makes it easy for our researchers, biosafety officers, and IBC members to manage the  rDNA and biosafety registration process."



Manage Biosafety Approvals and Compliance With Confidence

The researcher-friendly Biosafety Registration Module enhances biosafety and biosecurity by providing the processes and controls that allow researchers to properly register and oversee their use of biological materials and methods.

The module's secure, easy-to-use, web-based interface was designed to help laboratories accurately and confidently report their activities within a framework conducive to cooperation.

Key Benefits

Improve Compliance Management

Track the details of each lab's progress through the registration process and provide high-level reporting of current registration status across the research center. Labs stay on task with automated reminders of registration expirations. Meanwhile, additional compliance support comes in the form of manual email reminders and correspondence tracking.

Reduce Time to Approval

Biosafety officers will be able to walk into audits and inspections with full knowledge of the laboratory's research in hand, enabling Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) to readily review summaries and approve research. This module also lets IBCs send review questions and comments directly to principal investigators, which expedites registration updates and resubmission.

Increase Efficiency

The Smart Wizard feature walks researchers through logic-based surveys and input forms, ensuring they are only asked questions pertinent to their work. Researchers can easily update their registration throughout the year and submit renewals when required.

Enhance Teamwork

The module tracks projects and laboratory members working on each project. It also makes it easy to delegate the biosafety registration process to a laboratory member while maintaining checks and balances for review and submission.

Make Information Easy to Access

The module keeps a record of all biological agents and rDNA, including plasmids, viruses, and recombinant organisms. A biological summary document for each laboratory lets the IBC accurately evaluate and review research projects.

Process Integration

By connecting this module with the Training Module, Form Manager, and Equipment Manager, the system integrates multiple laboratory processes through one familiar interface.

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When it comes to research, speed wins. Researchers want to complete their health and safety tasks quickly and efficiently so they can spend more time on the research they love.

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Must-Have Features

Logic-based surveys and forms

Project tracking and reports

Auto-generated task lists

Records management

Automated and manual email reminders

System integration

If Managing Safety Feels Too Hard, It Probably Is.

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A Scalable Modular Solution

The SciShield platform provides a stable foundation on which your organization can grow. This platform approach reduces dependence on piecemeal systems and cumbersome manual methods, greatly improving the efficiency of scientists and safety teams.

The platform evolves as we work collaboratively with customers to develop new functionality. When your organization’s needs grow, new capabilities can be gained by implementing additional modules.


Integrated Platform

Reduce total operational costs with a single, easy-to-use system that improves laboratory safety and increases efficiency.
Training Delivery & Management

Training Delivery & Management

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with user-specific assignments, automated requirements, and reminders.


Manage chemical inventory with a robust chemical database, and generate complex regulatory reports with ease.
Inspections & Audits

Inspections & Audits

Assign, conduct, and review inspections and self-inspections based on hazard and risk criteria, which drive real-time data-analysis dashboards.
Asset & Equipment Management

Asset & Equipment Management

Track and manage your organization's research equipment and assets, including users, locations, certifications, and more.
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Search and view a comprehensive library of over 1 million unique SDSs.
Biosafety & Registration Committee

Biosafety & Registration Committee

Streamline the biosafety registration process, from project and materials submission to committee review, for all parties involved.
Hazardous Waste Pickup

Hazardous Waste Pickup

Streamline the process of requesting waste pickup, from the lab to health and safety, while retaining lab-specific data.
Animal Contact Occupational Health

Animal Contact Occupational Health

Identify, review, and track users who are potentially exposed to animal allergens, and survey for their exposure levels and potential health impacts.

Medical Surveillance

Integrating EHS with specific medical surveillance requirements for your organization while keeping patient data separate.
Radioisotope Management

Radioisotope Management

Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from broad scope license limits to authorized user registrations and cradle-to-grave reporting.
Student Lab Safety Training

Student Lab Safety Training

Confidently manage laboratory and shop safety training for your undergraduate student population and prepare them for careers in research.

Facilities Management

Safety isn't limited to the lab. Ensure your organization's entire staff receives the proper training necessary to maintain safety and protect revenue.
Door Sign Icon

Digital & Paper Door Signs

Let SciShield make generating door signs easy for you. Our software automatically pairs digital and paper door signs and handles all the obnoxious formatting.