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Real stories from real customers sharing what they love most about SciShield.

Patrick Zaugg
Working on a project with the SciShield Team has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to draw from SciShield’s expertise and proven solution, while at the same time having our specific business needs heard and incorporated. This has allowed us to build the foundation for a strong partnership which will help us improve and strengthen our processes. A lot of trust has been built between our teams.
Patrick Zaugg

Project Manager
Basel, Switzerland

Gail Hall_cropped
I figured we’d end up with an inventory of ~35% off … but there was only a 20% difference - [with ChemTracker] now we know what we’ve got!
Gail Hall

Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Boston College

Sean Fitzgerald Headshot
With our 500 facilities and only a handful of safety professionals, SciShield is our life raft.
Sean Fitzgerald

Manager of Biological Safety and EHS, Chair of the Institutional Biological Safety Committee
Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH)

Cynthia Pressman - LTRI
The [SciShield] modules and your folks have exceeded all expectations! Including with LTRI’s IT folks (a challenging group to impress, no doubt).
Cynthia Pressman

Laboratory Safety Manager
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

We’re not worried about being inspected …. back before SciShield, the answer was, “No, we didn’t know.” Now, it’s “Heck yes! We know our training data – here look at it all!”
Sony Heir

Associate Director, EHS
Systems and Training
Boston University

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“Did you know this chemical was explosive? Still need it?"

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Let us show you in 15 minutes how SciShield can make your job less of a burden.

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