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A Modern Government Software Solution for Researchers

Posted by Kris Richards on Feb 5, 2019 10:07:53 AM


Today's federally funded research programs are innovative and fast-paced. But the software they're using isn't.

That's because most laboratory safety, inventory, and reporting software simply doesn't meet federal security guidelines — which means it's not an option for government agencies.

Instead, they’re stuck with decades old software that does not improve and only becomes more obsolete as time goes on.

Getting information out of these outdated systems is like pulling teeth. Researchers spend too much time on tasks that take them away from their research, and EHS teams spend too much time on tasks that take them away from meaningfully improving safety. In some cases, these two groups may even be working from different sets of data!

In fact, our risk analyses show that EHS staff are forced to waste as much as 50% of their time on administrative tasks that software should be doing for them.

SciShield changes all that.

SciShield has partnered with Rackspace to provide its solutions to Government Agencies on FedRAMP authorized IT infrastructure. If you are a federal agency or local government organization, you can use SciShield to collect, organize, and report on your laboratory data and activities to ensure compliance.

Why do EHS teams & researchers at government agencies use SciShield?

Government agencies and federally funded research programs have already made the move to SciShield.

SciShield simplifies data entry and inventory, reduces administrative burden, helps you stay compliant, and keeps your data secure. Even better, SciShield is scalable so you can start with a single module and add on functionality as your organization's needs evolve.

Teams use SciShield to:

Track chemicals

✓ Report on chemical inventories

✓ Manage radioisotopes license limits

✓ Track radioisotopes

✓ Place radioisotopes requests online

✓ Manage radioisotopes waste disposal

✓ Register biological materials

✓ Oversee rDNA use

✓ Report on biosafety

✓ Deliver training

Manage equipment

✓ Search SDS library

✓ Prepare for lab and chemical audits

✓ Assign and track inspections

...and much more.

How can you get started with SciShield?

We are passionate about reducing administrative burden and increasing productivity. Please contact us to learn more about our government software solution and the various purchasing vehicles available to you.

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