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Why a good chemical inventory management system is critical

The questions Health, Safety & Lab Operation professionals should be asking when evaluating options for their next chemical inventory software solution.

It helps you with chemical inventory management

You need to know what chemicals your organization has, in what quantities, where they are, who’s using them, when they expire, and all associated hazards. That’s a huge amount of information to track, organize, analyze, maintain, and locate when you need it — not to mention being able to put all this data into the required regulatory report format.

So, when you’re searching for a new chemical inventory software, what should you specifically look for? The last thing you want is to have to restart your search a year from now if the system you picked doesn’t work out.

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The Advantages of a Good Chemical Inventory System

Signs you found the right software for chemical inventory management:

  1. It tracks key data in a report-forward database structure.
  2. It’s easy to imagine using the software during your everyday tasks.
  3. The workflows available will go smoothly even at larger scale.
  4. Search and filtering tools are available to quickly answer inventory questions.
  5. Maintaining the integrity of your inventory feels sustainable.
  6. It can connect to systems that fulfill other safety needs.
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On average, labs with chemical inventory software reduce their time spent managing inventory by 80%.

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Chemical Inventory Features

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Inventory Management

Inventory that is undercounted, overcounted, or unaccounted for is a common problem in labs today. Real-time container-level tracking and hazardous materials need to be a priority.

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Chemical Reporting

When it comes to chemical reporting, good data in means good data out. Great systems include regulatory reporting, tier II / RTK reporting, and fire code compliance & MAQs.

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Safety, Productivity, & Risk

Software should help eliminate risk while increasing safety and productivity within teams. These are the basic hierarchy of needs for any great solution.