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Why good design and organization is critical for your chemical inventory system

The questions Health & Safety professionals should be asking when evaluating options for their next chemical inventory software solution.

Good design for chemical inventory software

We all know the pain of trying to navigate a piece of software that's unintuitive and poorly laid out.

This type of software is time-intensive, draining, and uninviting to use. It’s a combination that’s particularly harmful, as your users are discouraged from regularly updating their chemical inventory.

There’s a big difference between “I just got a new chemical — let me add it to my inventory now before I forget” and “I just got a new chemical, but I don’t want to interrupt what I’m doing to log it.” Often the scales are tipped by having software that’s easy to use. These small decisions add up to big differences in data quality, which can impact how much you trust your data.


One of the key factors that encourages users to update their inventory is software design. Contrary to what some believe, making software intuitive and easy to use is no simple task.

Fortunately, recognizing good design can be straightforward enough if you know what to look for. (Check out our article on how good software can add hours to your day.)

How do you recognize if software is going to make you and your users dread logging in?

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What is a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), and Why Do You Need One?

Red flags that a chemical inventory system isn’t well-designed:

  1. You have trouble remembering how it organizes data.
  2. It’s difficult to find information when you need it.
  3. It looks like it was made back in the ’90s.
  4. Common actions take unnecessary extra steps or clicks.
  5. Logging in feels clunky.
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On average, labs with chemical inventory software reduce their time spent managing inventory by 80%.

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Chemical Inventory Features

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Inventory Management

Inventory that is undercounted, overcounted, or unaccounted for is a common problem in labs today. Real-time container-level tracking and hazardous materials need to be a priority.

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Chemical Reporting

When it comes to chemical reporting, good data in means good data out. Great systems include regulatory reporting, tier II / RTK reporting, and fire code compliance & MAQs.

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Safety, Productivity, & Risk

Software should help eliminate risk while increasing safety and productivity within teams. These are the basic hierarchy of needs for any great solution.