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Your guide to barcode tracking with chemical inventory software

The questions Health & Safety professionals should be asking when evaluating options for their next chemical inventory software solution.

Chemical Tracking and Barcoding

When you can accurately track your chemical containers, all your downstream efforts become easier, more accurate, and more trustworthy.

The difficulty here is a logistical one. How do you monitor the flux of all the containers, on the range of hundreds to hundreds of thousands? This is a critical place where your chemical inventory management system should be able to do some heavy lifting.

Barcodes and RFID tags are the most common and best ways to track your chemical inventory. Beware any vendor who assiduously pushes QR codes as an equivalent technique. QR codes often contain information that leads to a static URL, reducing their flexibility and transferability.


When evaluating new chemical inventory software, be sure to consider the ability of the new system to integrate with and support your new initiatives for container tracking.

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Understanding RFID Tags, Barcodes, and QR Codes for Chemical Inventory

Important questions to ask of a chemical inventory tracking software

  1. Can it support barcodes and/or RFID tags?
  2. Does it bring along new best practices that might make chemical inventory management easier?
  3. Are the workflows for end users (scientists, personnel, custodial staff, etc.) around inputting new chemicals straightforward and simple?
  4. Does the system make it easy to find the information you want, even if you’re not sure where to find it?
  5. Does the software provide data about when inventory was last updated?
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On average, labs with chemical inventory software reduce their time spent managing inventory by 80%.

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Chemical Inventory Features

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Inventory Management

Inventory that is undercounted, overcounted, or unaccounted for is a common problem in labs today. Real-time container-level tracking and hazardous materials need to be a priority.

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Chemical Reporting

When it comes to chemical reporting, good data in means good data out. Great systems include regulatory reporting, tier II / RTK reporting, and fire code compliance & MAQs.

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Safety, Productivity, & Risk

Software should help eliminate risk while increasing safety and productivity within teams. These are the basic hierarchy of needs for any great solution.