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How to consider safety, productivity & risk when choosing chemical inventory software

The questions Health & Safety professionals should be asking when evaluating options for their next chemical inventory software solution.

Safety, Productivity, & Risk

When you have to deal with all the minutiae of chemical inventory management —container tracking, regulatory reporting, reconciliation, inspections — it can be easy to get lost in the weeds.

Of course, you don’t do all this work for nothing. There’s a bigger picture here, and losing sight of that can lead to nitpicking, frustration, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction.

You do all this work to keep people safe. To protect people’s jobs. To help your organization produce lifechanging drugs and technologies, or to support the brightest minds in pursuing answers to the most challenging questions humankind has to answer. And yes, sometimes you do it to help people understand how to extract vanilla from cow dung.


Work with chemicals always has some type of inherent, unavoidable risk. The only way to ensure 0 risk is to work with 0 chemicals. Clearly, this isn’t an option. Instead the priority must be identifying and mitigating risks as much as possible.

Your chemical inventory software should actively help you to:

  1. Support innovation.
  2. Increase safety.
  3. Improve chemical inventory accuracy.
  4. Make your personnel more productive.
  5. Reduce risk.

If it can't help you achieve goals like these, then it's time for a change.

We believe managing chemical inventory, risk, health, and safety already involves more than enough challenges. You can’t have your chemical inventory software be one of those challenges as well.

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On average, labs with chemical inventory software reduce their time spent managing inventory by 80%.

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Chemical Inventory Features

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Inventory Management

Inventory that is undercounted, overcounted, or unaccounted for is a common problem in labs today. Real-time container-level tracking and hazardous materials need to be a priority.

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Chemical Reporting

When it comes to chemical reporting, good data in means good data out. Great systems include regulatory reporting, tier II / RTK reporting, and fire code compliance & MAQs.

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Safety, Productivity, & Risk

Software should help eliminate risk while increasing safety and productivity within teams. These are the basic hierarchy of needs for any great solution.