SciShield Custom Modular Solutions

Integrated Platform

Gain actionable insights for your safety and compliance program with a foundation of connected, accurate, and real-time information.

Inspection Module

Easily conduct, track, report on and archive laboratory and facility inspections.

Training Module

Offer a comprehensive health and safety training program with automated requirements setting, reminders, and course delivery

Equipment Module

Track and manage research equipment; users, locations, certifications, and much more.

Biosafety Registration Module

Manage the rDNA and Biosafety registration process in a manner that is easy for Researchers, Biosafety officers, and IBC Members.

ChemTracker Module

Simplify complex chemical inventory and reporting to reduce risk.

Radioisotope Management Module

Manage a complete radioisotope use program, from license limits to waste disposal.

Animal Contact OccHealth Module

An easy to use, researcher friendly system for maintaining organizational compliance with AAALAC related Occupational Medicine guidelines and requirements.

SDS Module

Search and view a comprehensive SDS database library of over 1 million unique Safety Data Sheets.

Student Safety Training Package

Provide targeted laboratory safety training for science students.

Hazardous Waste Pickup

Allow for streamlined waste pickup requests process, from the lab to health and safety, while retaining lab-specific data.

Custom Modules Custom Modules

Are you looking for a feature that SciShield doesn't currently offer?

SciShield custom modules are built upon the SciShield Platform to offer integrated features and functionality. 


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